My name is Frankie Vegas,


as im sure you have already figured out at this point.


I am a Writer, Poet, Hypnotherapist, CEO/Creator of my company, Music Marketing professional, former model, but most of all a Lightworker.

I feel like that above else is my REAL work.

The real driving force behind all that I mentioned previously. I feel like everything I am and have pursued is involved with lifting the vibrations of the world. I am working to create serious change in our minds and hearts.

To go back to the way of thinking... that anything is possible.

To remind you that, as jaded as the world may have made you, it made you even more beautiful. That no matter how many times it will knock you down, it will teach you to get back up. To never give up, and have confidence in who you are and what you can accomplish or contribute to the world.


So here I am, in this journey with you.


I don't believe you found me by mistake...

Until next time...




Copyright 2019. © Frankie Vegas